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Minsk among cheapest European capitals in terms of metro fare


InInsider has ranked the continent's cheapest capital cities based on the base cost of a single fare, or shortest journey duration, between any two stations on their public transport system. Minsk and Kiev share the first place in the ranking, BelTA has learned.

According to Insider, Europe's major cities are often best explored using their abundant, and cheap, public transport systems. Many of Europe's capital cities have extensive metro systems which let tourists and locals get around quickly, efficiently, and most of all, cheaply.

Thus, a single journey in Minsk, Belarus, costs 0.65 Belarusian rubles ($0.32), and in Kiev, Ukraine it costs 8 Ukrainian hryvnia, or $0.32 as dwell, making them the joint cheapest metro in a European capital.

A trip in the subway costs $0.58 cents in Romania’s Bucharest, $0.60 in Moscow. It is $0.90 in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Next in the ranking go Prague (Czech Republic), Tallinn (Estonia), Warsaw (Poland), Budapest (Hungary), and Athens (Greece). The list is rounded up with the Portuguese capital of Lisbon where a trip costs $1.6.


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