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5,767 polling stations set up in Belarus and abroad ahead of presidential election


A total of 5,767 polling stations for Belarus' presidential election have been set up in Belarus and abroad, BelTA learned from the website of the Central Election Commission.

As many as 910 polling stations have been established in Brest Oblast, 750 in Vitebsk Oblast, 997 in Gomel Oblast, 656 in Grodno Oblast, 992 in Minsk Oblast, 731 in Mogilev Oblast, and 687 in the city of Minsk.

A total of 231 polling stations have been formed at health and recreation resorts, hospitals and other inpatient care facilities, 13 at military units, and another 44 abroad.

The nomination of candidates to precinct election commissions will be running in Belarus through 21 June. The candidates can be put forward by political parties, public associations, labor collectives, and independent citizens. The necessary documents are to be submitted to district or city executive committees or local administrations.

Territorial election commissions have already been formed. They include 1,989 people, 1,095 (55.05%) of whom represent public associations, 152 (7.64%) – political parties, 101 (5.08%) labor collectives, and another 641 (32.23%) are independent citizens.

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