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Springtime sowing in Belarus over 90% complete


The sowing of all cereal and leguminous crops has been complete on more than 2.3 million hectares, which is 90.4% of the allocated areas, BelTA learned from the Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of 11 May, some 48.700 hectares were planted with flax, which is more than 96% of the allocated areas. A total of 20,700 hectares (94.7%) were sown with potatoes, 3,780 hectares (84%) with vegetables. The sowing of sugar beet has been completed. Over 1 million hectares (90.4%) have been planted with maize, 49,800 hectares (95.3%) with colza, 5,930 hectares (26%) with buckwheat, and 4,910 hectares (59.9%) with millet.

Spring sowing will be conducted on the area of more than 2.6 million hectares. Some 50,300 hectares have been allocated for flax, 21,900 hectares for potatoes, 4,500 hectares for vegetables, and over 1.1 million hectares for maize.

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