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75 real estates put up for auction in Minsk region


75 state-owned real estate objects have been put up for auction in Minsk region, according to the State Property Committee of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee.

The Committee organized auctions for the sale of 75 real estate objects in the Minsk region, among which 65 buildings are in communal ownership, and the remaining 10 objects are owned by the Republic of Belarus.

At the same time, auctions are planned for the sale of another 25 communally owned real estate objects.

On April 14, the sale of unused cultural centers and kindergartens in Logoisk district will be organized. Their starting price has been reduced by 80%. The buyer can use the facilities for production purposes, for trade, as warehouses. One of the auctions will take place on May 6, where houses of culture, libraries and schools in the Pukhovichi district will be exhibited with an initial sale price of one base value.

At the auctions held from the beginning of the year to April 7 in the Minsk region, 18 state-owned real estate objects were sold for a total of 723,613.54 rubles. It is noteworthy that in comparison with the indicated period of last year, objects of communal property were sold 2.5 times more. In some cases, as a result of auctions, the initial sale price of the property increased many times over. For example, the price of a militarized guard building in Stolbtsy was 58 rubles, and then increased by almost 700 times.

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