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A plant for the production of medicines for COVID-19 will appear in the "Great Stone"


In the industrial park on February 9, an agreement of intent was signed to cooperate on the development of a project in the field of Chinese traditional medicine. Details were told in the press service of the "Great Stone".

The document was signed by the future founders of the Novoera joint biotechnology company, the Administration and the Industrial Park Development Company.

The enterprise will be established in the "Great Stone" with the participation of the Jintai Institute of Culture and Economics, the Xishanqingxue Clinic of Chinese Medicine (Beijing) and the Xishanqingxue Pharmaceutical Technology Company (Beijing).

The project involves such areas of work as the Eurasian exchange center for the culture of traditional medicine, a center for diagnostics and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as a plant for the production of medicines against a new type of coronavirus infection.

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