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Alexander Lukashenko visited Molodechno Central Regional Hospital


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko confirms the course towards the development of interregional medical centers. He stated this today during a visit to Molodechno Central Regional Hospital, BelTA has learned.


The head of state inquired in detail about the structure of the medical care system in the region, including in the context of the development of interregional centers. The President was informed that the Molodechno Central Regional Hospital has more than 1,000 beds. Its structure includes a number of medical institutions of various levels, including the Radoshkovichi city hospital, maternity hospital, district hospitals, polyclinics, feldsher-obstetric stations, and an outpatient polyclinic network. The entire population of the district is served here, and this is more than 136.2 thousand people. On the basis of the clinic, the formation of an interdistrict center of specialized medical care for residents of Molodechno, Vileika, Volozhin and Myadel districts is being completed.



Alexander Lukashenko recalled that he had previously instructed to build a clear vertical line of medical institutions from FAPs to clinical centers. At the same time, the task was to introduce, whenever possible, the provision of high-tech assistance at the grassroots level, to develop interregional centers in large cities like Molodechno and a number of others.

"Eleven interregional centers on the basis of large cities - Molodechno, Borisov, Soligorsk, Bobruisk, Lida, Baranovichi ... This is where this assistance should be lowered from the regional level to interregional centers. People everywhere want to live and receive qualified assistance," the President stressed.

The topic of the organization of medical care and treatment conditions for patients with COVID-19 was discussed separately. As the head of state was informed, 335 beds in the Molodechno Central District Hospital were converted into infectious diseases, or 32.5% of the bed capacity. 3.6 thousand patients with COVID-19 infection were treated inpatiently, 5.2 thousand people were treated on an outpatient basis. To provide assistance to such patients, a computer tomograph, two ventilators, anesthesia-respiratory apparatus and other equipment were purchased.

Alexander Lukashenko drew attention to the need to keep in the hospital structure such departments that can be used as infectious diseases if necessary.

As the chief physician of the Molodechno Central Regional Hospital Daria Kolyadich said, today the clinic employs 4 mechanical ventilation devices. "We have 29 anesthesia and respiratory machines. 27 intensive care beds have been deployed, 15 of them for COVID-19 infection," she said.

According to her, an oxygen distribution station has also been built and put into operation at the hospital. Currently, there are 217 infectious disease beds in operation, 118 beds have been converted to normal operation. We have at our disposal a monthly supply of drugs for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection, personal protective equipment, and reagents.

“So, you have learned to treat covid no worse than other hospitals in the country,” the President summed up.

The head of state personally got acquainted with the organization of treatment in the hospital, its technical equipment. Alexander Lukashenko also visited the red zone, where patients with COVID-19 are being treated.

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