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"There is nothing more precious than peace and life." A. Turchin wished happy Victory Day to Minsk region residents


The Chairman of Minsk Regional Executive Committee wished happy Victory Day to the residents of Minsk Region.

— Please accept my sincere congratulations on one of the most significant holidays for every Belarusian — Victory Day! On May 9, 1945, the Great Patriotic War ended, which brought pain, tears, death, and destruction to our land. For four long years, the Belarusian people on the fronts and in the rear heroically fought against the Nazi invaders for their homeland, independence and a clear sky above their heads. There is no family that has not lost a father or son, grandfather or uncle, mother or daughter in this terrible war,” said Alexander Turchin.

The head of the region stressed that even after 77 years, these wounds do not heal.

— And is it possible to forget the tragedy of the village of Khatyn, the Trostenets death camp, the courageous defenders of the Brest Fortress, our brave heroes-liberators, who, at the cost of their own lives, gave freedom not only to Belarus, but to the whole of Europe. Today grateful Belarusians bow their heads before the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, take care of the monuments and military graves. We sacredly cherish the memory of every defender of the Fatherland, of every civilian who fell victim to the German occupiers. And we are watching with horror the treachery of our Western neighbors, who are trying to rewrite the history of the Great Patriotic War, massively destroying monuments to fallen Soviet soldiers, — said the chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

Alexander Turchin stressed that there is nothing more precious than peace and human life.

— The Republic of Belarus has never acted as an aggressor, it has always been and remains a peaceful and friendly state. We do not want a repeat of the Great Patriotic War. We want a clear sunny sky above our heads, joyful smiles of our children, creative work for the benefit of our native country and its people. I wish each of you a happy and prosperous life, health and success in all your endeavors. Appreciate the world! — wished the head of the central region.

Source: Minsk-region.gov.by

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