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Two new Zhodino dump trucks will transport ore at the Gleevatsky open pit in Ukraine


Two new mining dump trucks BELAZ-75131 with a lifting capacity of 130 tons entered the line for the transportation of ore at the Gleyevatsky quarry of the Central Mining and Processing Plant of Metinvest Group (Krivoy Rog, Ukraine). Details were told in the press service of the Zhodino auto giant.


These are the first 130-ton BELAZ trucks this year, which entered the mining and transport workshop No. 1 under the investment program of 2021. It is the machines of this class that are the most important link in the technological process of the open-pit mining of the Central GOK, which is one of the top 5 largest producers of iron ore raw materials in Ukraine. Over the past few years, the enterprise, which combines open pit and underground mining of magnetite quartzite with subsequent enrichment, has acquired more than thirty BELAZ-7513 mining dump trucks.

- The Central Combine is systematically updating large-scale quarry equipment. Modern machines make it possible to more efficiently cope with production tasks, in the case of dump trucks - to increase the volume and speed of ore transportation, reduce downtime due to repairs. One of the tasks of the new technology is to improve working conditions and create comfortable workplaces for our Belazians, ”said Dmitry Shevchik, General Director of the Central GOK.

Now GTZ-1 already has 35 BELAZ trucks of this class of carrying capacity. According to the miners, 130-ton trucks are the optimal technique for working 24/7 in the difficult conditions of the mountainous terrain of the Gleevatsky quarry. Durable and productive, they withstand both extreme temperature changes and the daily tests of serpentine roads across 22 pit horizons. The power of the dump truck is provided by a 16-cylinder engine with 1,600 horsepower. Its reinforced frame, made of low-alloy steel and supplemented with welded elements in places of increased loads, has high strength.

The 130-tonne quarry has a whole arsenal of special systems for safe work. Video review of blind spots, control of loading, fuel and tire pressure, blocking the lifting of the body under power lines - all this greatly simplifies the work of BELAZ operators.

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