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Zhodino dump trucks will transport rocks at another quarry in Russia


Two new BELAZ mining dump trucks with a payload capacity of 240 tons have started work on the technological roads of the Stoilensky mining and processing plant iron ore mine, which is part of the NLMK Group. This was told in the press service of Zhodino auto giant.

According to the plans of the stoilers, the 240-ton trucks will reduce the traffic of equipment on the technological lines of the quarry and increase labor productivity, because the volume of traffic per day by one dump truck averages 10-11 thousand tons of rock.

In total, 32 BELAZ mining dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 130-136 tons, as well as three 220-ton and four 240-ton Belarusian heroes are now involved in ore mining in the quarry of the Stoilensky mining and processing plant.

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