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Lukashenko urges to streamline operation of Belarus' Security Council


It is essential to streamline the operation of the Security Council of Belarus, President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with State Secretary of the Security Council Aleksandr Volfovich on 25 February, BelTA informs.

According to the president, in this process it is important to use the best practices of similar organizations in close countries, for example, Russia and Kazakhstan.

“We need to discuss a number of important issues. Of course, the main question is the Apparatus of the Security Council and the operation of the Security Council in general. The president is its chairman. We need to improve certain documents regarding the operation of the Security Council. On the example of Russia, Kazakhstan and other close states I would like to know how they ensure the operation of the Security Council,” the Belarusian leader said.

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, Belarus used the best practices of security councils in those countries in the past. “Nevertheless, in our conditions we need to step up efforts to revise and streamline the operation of the Security Council,” the president said. “The Security Council should convene regularly. It should focus on fundamental issues of security and defense of our state. It was mentioned that security is multilateral today. It includes food security, economic security in general, military threats. Therefore, we need to address a wide range of issues.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked that after the appointment Aleksandr Volfovich, as an experienced staff officer, could take a close look at the situation. “In fact, this is a staff, but a top-level one – the staff of the president for defense and security. I think you will share your opinion. In the near future, at least next week, we need to formalize all proposals,” he said.

The president also suggested discussing the personnel pool in the Apparatus of the Security Council and the further operation of this agency. “Perhaps, there are other questions. For example, we can discuss personnel decisions and promotion, especially to the general's rank,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

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