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Roads of Belarus 2021-2025 program approved


The state program Roads of Belarus 2021-2025 was approved by the Council of Ministers' Resolution No.212 of 9 April 2021, BelTA learned from the National Legal Internet Portal.

The program is designed to improve the transport and operational condition of public roads through increased investment in transport infrastructure to meet the needs of the economy and society in transport links.

The program includes two sub-programs: National Roads (to improve the transport and operational condition, as well as to improve the quality of national roads) and Local Roads (to improve the condition of local roads).

According to the first sub-program, plans are in place to repair and reconstruct some 809,6 km of national highways, increase the carrying capacity of their pavement up to 11,5 tonnes per axis and increase the speed limit along some 1,780 kilometers. There are plans to reconstruct and build 509.6 kilometers of such roads, including 272.7 kilometers according to the parameters of the first category, and almost 8,200 linear meters of road structures on these roads.

As for the measures of the second subprogram, it is planned to carry out works on maintenance of their transport and operational indicators on local roads, to repair, reconstruct and build some 7,000 kilometers of such roads, some 138 kilometers of them using new technologies. The plans also include repair and reconstruction of 137 road structures with the length of about 4,200 linear meters.

The program implementation will require Br10,552,470,504.8.

The decree comes into force after its official publication, and shall apply to relations arising from 1 January 2021.

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