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Soligorsk Regional Executive Committee
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Main / news / Local News
15 April 2021

Improvement of memorial places, cleaning of public gardens, planting trees - Minsk region goes to subbotnik

On April 17, a republican subbotnik will take place in all regions of Minsk region. It is expected that several hundred thousand people will take part in it. In accordance with the decision of the regional executive committee, the volunteer cleanup can be held both at workplaces and in parks, squares, in places of military and military glory during the Great Patriotic War, the location of memorial and historical and architectural monuments.

In the regional executive committee and in the regions, working groups have been created to prepare and conduct a republican subbotnik, taking into account the participation of citizens in it exclusively on a voluntary basis.

Half of the money earned on the day of the republican subbotnik, including at workplaces, will be sent to the Ministry of Health to strengthen the material and technical base of medical institutions, including the purchase of equipment and, in part, vaccines from COVID-19. The remaining money will be directed to repair, reconstruction, restoration, restoration of historical and cultural values, memorial complexes, places of military and military glory during the Great Patriotic War.

In the course of a large-scale campaign, the teams of institutions, organizations and enterprises of the region plan to put in order the objects and territories of settlements, paying special attention to the improvement of memorial sites. For example, employees of the Minsk Region Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus will hold a volunteer cleanup near the village of Uzlyany in the Pukhovichi district - at the memorial complex erected in honor of the soldiers of the 5th battery of the 220th anti-tank artillery regiment fighter. 49 artillerymen of the regiment of the 48th army of the 1st Belorussian Front, led by the battery commander, Captain Anton Leontyuk, on July 3-4, 1944, opposed the enemy grouping, which was several dozen times outnumbered in this place, and was trying to break out of the “Minsk cauldron”. For this battle, 5 soldiers of one battery were awarded the high title of Hero of the Soviet Union.


- The memorial complex was created in the 70s and, of course, requires constant maintenance. It is also necessary to maintain in proper form the adjacent square with an area of ​​almost 2 hectares. This is not the first time our team has traveled to this memorable place, cleaning the territory, pruning trees, painting borders. The plans of the management of the Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Minsk Region to use the memorial in the patriotic education of the personnel of the department. It is quite possible that in the future, young people who came to serve in the department of the Investigative Committee for the Minsk region will take the oath on the territory of this memorial, ”said Alexander Zemnitsky, deputy head of the USC for the Minsk region.

It has become a good tradition for the employees of the Minsk Regional Customs to participate in the improvement of the monument to the fallen pilots in the village of Kamenets, Minsk region. It was installed in honor of Afanasy Dvornik and Sergei Zuev, who bowed their heads in battle on June 29, 1941. At the subbotnik, a labor force of several dozen people will arrive here to clean the territory, clear foliage, cut off bushes and trees, plant flowers, paint the monument and the fence.

— On Victory Day, our team also visits this memorable place to lay flowers and wreaths, to pay tribute to those who died for our freedom and independence,” said the acting director. Head of the Minsk Regional Customs Andrei Sadovsky.

For the staff of the Military Commissariat of the Minsk Region, the cleanup begins on Friday, April 16. Employees will be busy with the improvement of military graves near the villages of Semkov Gorodok and Vishnevka in the Minsk region.

- Activities to perpetuate the memory of the defenders of the Fatherland and the victims of war are of particular importance for us, military people. There should be no blank spots or forgotten victims in the glorious past of our country. And by our active participation in putting things in order at memorable places, military graves, we prove by deeds that no one is forgotten and nothing is forgotten, ”emphasized the colonel, deputy military commissar of the Minsk region Vitaly Yadevich.

On April 17, the staff of the Regional Military Commissariat, headed by the military commissar Colonel Igor Tarabesh, will be involved in the improvement of the Khatyn memorial complex.

Deputies of the Minsk Regional Council of Deputies, headed by the chairman Natalia Yakubitskaya, the deputy corps of the Smolevichi region will hold a clean-up day at the monument in the village of Prilepy, Smolevichi region. It was erected in honor of 60 soldiers and 245 residents of the villages of the Lenin collective farm who died during the war.

- Our sacred duty is to preserve the memory of the courage and selfless service to our Motherland of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, of the great feat of the people. And, as grateful descendants, we must take part in the restoration and improvement of memorial sites, bringing the territories adjacent to the monuments into proper form, ”emphasized Natalya Yakubitskaya.

As part of the republican subbotnik, the chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Turchin will take part in the improvement of the monument near the village of Miroslavka, Berezinsky district. The memorial was erected in honor of the Red Army soldiers who died in the first weeks of the war.