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Soligorsk Regional Executive Committee
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Main / news / Local News
19 October 2021

Personnel workers held a meeting in the PU "Soligorskgaz"

In the Soligorsky district, on the basis of the branch of the PU "Soligorskgaz" of the UP "MINSKOBLGAZ", a meeting of personnel workers of organizations belonging to the GPO "Beltopgaz" was held. Representatives from different parts of the country not only got acquainted with the work of the branch, but also discussed an important issue - the implementation of the requirements of Directive No. 1 "On measures to strengthen public safety and discipline". The main agenda was the topic of strengthening labor discipline.

The participants of the event got acquainted with the functionality and services provided by the Public Service Center of the Soligorsky branch, the work of the emergency dispatch service and software complexes. The exhibition of machinery and equipment allowed personnel workers to learn more about what innovative developments are used to carry out work on the territory of the Minsk region.

At the official part of the meeting, the participants were welcomed by representatives of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus and the State Enterprise Beltopgas. As the host, the guests were addressed by the General Director of the UP "MINSKOBGAS" Yuri Kuklitsky. He spoke about the specifics of working in our region: "The district is notable for the fact that it is home to one of the largest consumers not only of the Minsk region, but also, probably, of the Republic of Belarus – Belaruskali OJSC. In the Lyuban district, an investment project is being implemented for the construction of the Slavkali mining and processing plant. The work is going on quite actively. 42 kilometers of gas pipeline (400 diameter) have already been laid in that direction to supply natural gas to this enterprise. It is also our potential major consumer." The Director General noted that the issue on the agenda is very important in daily work: "As for Directive No. 1, this is an issue that requires daily monitoring by all those responsible for the implementation of this direction. Labor and performance discipline are the most important points to pay attention to. We are ready to share our experience. There should be an exchange of views."

The Head of the Personnel Department of the Ministry of Energy of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus Maria Bulavik supported the topic:

- The Ministry pays a lot of attention to the fulfillment of the requirements of Directive No. 1 personally by Minister Viktor Mikhailovich Karankevich. Why is the question about labor discipline? Because the performance component, labor protection, and safety depend on the state of this direction. It's not just being late or absenteeism, it's the inner state and self-awareness of a person. This is, first of all, responsibility and self-discipline. If a person allows himself to be late or leave the workplace earlier, not to mention appearing at the workplace in a state of alcoholic intoxication, it is simply unacceptable to turn a blind eye to this in any organization. This is disrespect for yourself, colleagues, and the manager. Labor discipline should become a fundamental direction. A lot also depends on human resources workers, because they know everything about a person: from the moment of hiring, to retirement, promotion or dismissal. Therefore, a lot depends on how we work, how we meet employees, how we adjust to the right way."

During the event, such issues as interaction between the branches of the enterprise, methods of ensuring labor discipline, the role of the head in maintaining this issue at the proper level were discussed. The experience was shared by representatives of the management staff of the UP "MINSKOBLGAZ", the branch of the PU "Soligorskgaz", the Starodorozhsky RGS of the PU "Soligorskgaz" and the UP "Grodnooblgaz".

Such a format of the meeting was implemented for the first time, nevertheless, it proved its usefulness and effectiveness. The participants exchanged experiences taking into account the specifics of enterprises, analyzed effective methods for strengthening labor discipline using examples.

Source: Шахцёр